Our Mission

Let’s turn textbooks into the gift that keeps on giving! Tuition, rent, and other relative costs are very expensive for students throughout the U.S. Why should textbooks be an added expense to your annual shopping list for education?

The My Textbook Circle team, a group of undergraduates from the University of St. Thomas, has joined forces with our fellow UST students in hopes of putting an end with to the crisis.

Our goal is to keep money within the hands of students rather than in the hands of corporate giants and textbook publishers who thrive off of our money and from campus bookstores that receive high profits from low buyback prices. The My Textbook Circle Team is also in the process of developing philanthropic and eco-friendly initiatives to conserve resources and promote environmental protection, and to support our community.

If you and other students buy, rent, and sell your books through My Textbook Circle rather than through corporations such as Amazon and eBay, you will not only help yourself, but you will also help your fellow students. Our goal is to allow students to buy their books from us at the beginning of the semester and then re-sell them to other students through our store at the end of the semester, thus forming a “circle” for your books.

Together we can end the reign of textbook publishers, corporate giants, and campus bookstores so students have more input on their textbook prices.