Rental Reimbursement Program and Prices

If you bought or rented your books through us this fall, we offer our rental reimbursement prices for all non-ENGL classes. If you’re not interested in renting your fall books, please click here to check out Guaranteed Buyback Program or click here if you’re interested in being added to our seller waiting list.

How to Schedule a Buyback

Please fill out the contact form below and copy and paste the book titles from this page that you’d like to rent and we can meet you near Finn St. and Summit Avenue (it’s against school rules for students to buy or sell things on campus outside of a UST store or restaurant, so we have to buy books off-campus).

Our buyback prices are based by class and then by book (if your books and/or classes are missing, please fill out the contact form below and we’ll add your prices). We’ll be buying books back until Sunday, May 31st.

If you sent in your buyback book pictures or book lists already, your book titles should be on this page and the Waitlist Program page – if you can’t find your book titles, it either means you sent us English books, we couldn’t find the book title with the ISBN that was given, or the image of the ISBN was blurry. If the second or third option may have applied to you, please send us a message on Facebook ASAP or fill out our contact form below.

Payment Methods

We can pay for your books with cash, a check, through (instant bank transfer), or a refund/credit for your spring semester books (a refund/credit is what most students choose due to convenience).

Courses and Book Titles: