Waiting List Buyback Program and Prices

Our buyback prices are based by class and then by book (if your books and/or classes are missing, please fill out the contact form below and we’ll add your prices). We’ll be buying books back until Monday, September 7th. All My Textbook Circle and non-My Textbook Circle customers are eligible for our Waiting List Buyback Program.

Exclusive Programs for My Textbook Circle’s Spring 2015 Customers

If you were a My Textbook Circle customer for your spring semester books, then you are also eligible for our rental reimbursement and Guaranteed Buyback Programs. Please click here if you’re interested in rental reimbursement or click here to check out Guaranteed Buyback Program.

Need to sell your books? Add Your Books to Our Waiting List

We can only buy books within the Waiting List Buyback Program when a buyer’s book list matches some or all of the books on your book list. To add your books to our waiting list, please click here and fill out the Sell Your Books form. We’ll add your books’ prices to this page if they’re eligible for buyback and we’ll add the respective books to our waiting list so we can contact you if a match is made (we’re usually able to find matches for 80% of the books we add to our waiting list). My Textbook Circle’s spring 2015 buyers receive priority over non-My Textbook Circle customers during our buyback period.

If you sent in your buyback book pictures or book lists already, your book titles should be on this page and the Waitlist Program page – if you can’t find your book titles, it either means you sent us English books, we couldn’t find the book title with the ISBN that was given, or the image of the ISBN was blurry. If the second or third option may have applied to you, please send us a message on Facebook ASAP or fill out our contact form below.

Already have a buyer? Schedule Your Buyback

If we found you a buyer (or multiple buyers), please fill out the contact form below or contact us on Facebook with the preferred date, time, and payment method and we can meet you near Finn St. and Summit Avenue to purchase your book(s) (it’s against school rules for students to buy or sell things on campus outside of a UST store or restaurant, so we have to buy books off-campus).

Payment Methods

We can pay for your books with cash, a check, through Square Cash (free instant bank transfer), or a refund/credit for your fall or summer semester books (a refund/credit is what most students choose due to convenience).

Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: A Concise Global History (3rd Edition): $55

Royal Arts of Africa (12th Edition): $8

Look!: Fundamentals of Art History (3rd Edition): $25

Cambridge Illustrated History of China: $20

History of Japanese Art (2nd Edition): $90

Indian Art: $8

Ancient Egypt: $9

Understanding Northwest Coast Art: $10

Art History (Stokstad, 5th Edition):

African-American Art: $8

The Grotesque in Western Art and Culture: $10

BIOL 102, 207 and 208:

Campbell Biology (10th Edition): $75

Conservation Science: Balancing the Needs of People and Nature (15th Edition): $25

CATH 306:

Great Divorce: $4

CHEM 111 and 112:

Book titles and prices are pending.
Book titles and prices are pending.
Book titles and prices are pending.
Book titles and prices are pending.
Book titles and prices are pending.
Book titles and prices are pending.
Book titles and prices are pending.

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